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What is a sheepskin saddle pad? 

It is commonly said that a custom saddle should fit perfectly to the shape and needs of the horse and rider, however, this is not entirely true. Often, we will need a good sheepskin pad or horse cover correction pad to correct certain difficulties and make our horse feel completely comfortable.

A good sheepskin pad or horse cover correction pad can be, in this sense, very valuable tools and we recommend their use in many cases, for example, when horses have skeletal or muscular asymmetries, muscular atrophy, and in other occasions such as the ones we are going to point out briefly below:

If horses have big o asymmetrical shoulders: Many scientific studies have shown the importance of correcting the fit of saddles for horses with asymmetric shoulder and, in order to achieve this objective a correctly fitted sheepskin pad or horse cover correction pad is an excellent tool for lifting the saddle clear of the asymmetric or big shoulders, increasing shoulder freedom and allowing equal pressure on the saddle panel when the shoulder is in rotation.

When horses are young, and they are growing young horses can have their back shape and balance change during the first 4 to 5 years of their riding years. In this sense, sheepskins and wedge correction pads are useful for balancing the saddle from front to back through these growth and muscle changes.

When horses have prominent spine raised above the level of the back muscles:  Some breeds of horses, such as thoroughbreds, have more carp-like back profiles. In these cases, the use of a sheepskin without a backbone reproduces the ideal rounded shape of the horse's back line, giving comfort and freedom of movement to the horse. On the other hand, young horses or horses with muscle wasting that are still developing stronger dorsal musculature may also show an elevated spine profile. The sheepskin pad protects the vertebrae, preventing the panels from putting direct pressure on the spinal processes.

Are sheepskin saddle pad comfortable?

Sheepskin can be found in many different forms in the field of riding equipment. On the one hand, it can be used as additional lining to cover more sensitive areas (the nose, or the breastplate), but it can also be used in saddle pads to strengthen the comfort and fit of saddles. 

Furthermore, we can use this type of fabric in many other materials for horses such as: neck covers horse blanket, sheepskin halters cover, sheepskin horse blankets, sheepskin horse halters and many other types of products which we what are have horses covered with.

Specifically, sheepskin saddle pads can be used in many equestrian disciplines. Here are some of the main advantages of using sheepskin saddle padding: 

It is comfortable: Sheepskin is a soft material which provides comfortability, which is especially good for horses with sensitive skin. Moreover, saddle-shaped pads help cushion and support the weight of the saddle and equalize rider weight distribution.

It provides protection: Sheepskin can provide a thicker layer of protection against external forces. In addition, it also has antibacterial properties so it is perfect for protecting the horse's skin from bacteria. In this sense it certainly has impact protection qualities.

It allows air circulation: The fibers of the sheepskin also enable air circulation between the hair and the sheepskin leather, which helps balance the temperature to keep your horse cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

It adds style: And finally, definitely this kind of pads provide style to the horse’s and rider’s look. 

In this sense we could ask ourselves, is it sheepskin the same as wool? Well, it is not the same, sheepskin has some special characteristics and as we have seen they provide some benefits, as well as other fabrics could have some other advantages. Sheepskin is the hide of a sheep with the wool still attached and wool is the fiber that grows out of the skin of a sheep. In this sense, we could say that sheepskin has more fiber and is softer than wool.

However, despite de advantages we have underline about sheepskin covers, there are other disadvantages such as: sheepskin require care to stay looking good over time, and sheepskin horse saddle cover need to be washed properly as well. 

Are sheepskin seat covers for horses hot?

We have seen some of the advantages and disadvantages of using sheepskin horse saddle covers, and here we are going to answer one of the main concerns about using this type of sheepskin horse covers. 

On the one hand we have to take into consideration that sheepskin seat covers are great for good reasons, for instance, they keep rider and horse cook during summer and warm in winter. Therefore, to the question, are sheepskin seat covers for horses hot? The answer Is that they are not too hot, because of the breathing properties it has. 

Furthermore, as we have seen, this kind of fabric is incredibly soft, which makes it so comfortable. With is is kind of sheepskin seat covers the rides will not have to face hot seats during summer, and it will also keep them warm in winter. In this sense, are sheepskin seat covers worth it? Yes, they definitely are. 

Find out more about our options in our shop, and contact us for further information if you need advice about which kind of sheepskin cinch cover, or sheepskin coveryou’re your horse.

Can sheepskin cover for horses be cleaned?

Yes, sheepskin cover for horse can definitely be cleaned. In fact, it is important that they are properly cleaned. But how? We can do it by using a vacuum. We will be addressing this question broadly. 

However, first of all, what happens if you do have an unexpected accident? As it can happen when riding our horse… Well in these cases, the most important first step is to ‘contain the stain’ so it doesn't spread. Don't throw water or other liquids directly onto a stain, this will spread the stain further and can damage the sheepskin backing. 

Also, use a clean, dry towel or paper towels to wipe up excess liquid before using a commercial wet stain remover. This type of product can be purchased in most supermarkets.

How do I clean my sheepskin saddle pad? 

In this sense, in order to take care of our sheepskin cover we will need to clean it frequently, we are going to explain to do so correctly.

First of all, we must remove all the dust that accumulates at the bottom of the wool, for this it is useful to shake it with a stick or vacuum it, but much more effective is to blow it with an air compressor.

In case it is very dirty, with stains or yellowish, it can also be cleaned in the following way:  

- First, we will mix in a container equal parts water and talcum powder obtaining a slurry, in it we will wet a strong brush, not metallic, of the style of brushing horses and we will rub strongly always in the shade and far from heat sources, since it could shrink. (it is important to keep in mind that the talc will decant in the water so it is essential that every time you wet the brush you must stir the mixture).

- And then, once we have all the material well soaked in this solution, we will let it dry completely in the shade, in a cool place and once dry we will proceed to dry it a second time removing all the dry talc and if necessary, brushing it with the same brush, this time dry. 

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