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What is a girth? 

A girth is a broad strap of a specific material such as leather or cotton, that goes around the horse to hold the saddle securely on the horse's back. This girth is a key element that will be added to a saddle in horse riding.

Additionally, this accessory will attach by buckles to the billet straps of a saddle and goes under the barrel of the horse just behind the elbows, to another set of buckles on the opposite side of the horse. 

One of the main advantages we can find in the use of this girth is that, when it is tight enough, it will prevent the saddle from slipping, which is essential because otherwise it would be very hard to hold the saddle on the horse.  

Which kind of girth can we find?  

Girths can be made of a wide range of different types of materials, and they also can be combined; in this sense, it is always important to find the most adjustable and padded girths. Depending on their size, length, widths, and styles we can talk about different kinds of girths, and each of them will be appropriate for various purposes, for example: some of them will be perfect for jumping or dressage. 

When choosing a girth we should have into consideration some aspects, but over everything we will always have to look for a safe and comfortable girth for the rider and for the horse, therefore, it is important to choose an adjustable girth according to the size of the horse.

Among others, these are some of the main types of girths we can find: 

   -  Synthetic girths: made of a synthetic material and offering good prices. 

   -  Fabric girths: These types of girths are often made from cotton or another common fabric, and sometimes there are horses that prefer this type of fabrics because of its softness.  

   -  Leather girths: made of leather material, they are more classic and traditional look, and also, they have better quality. 

   -  Anatomical girths: made to shape and fit the horses and help disperse pressure, they are more comfortable for our horses.

   -  String girths: which is usually made of mohair, wool, cotton, or nylon string. This type of girth is a popular choice for helping prevent slipping or for horses that get irritated skin in the girth area.

Why is it important to adjust the girth in training?

As we have addressed before, girths are a very important accessory in order to hold the saddle on the horse’s back. However, in order to do so, it needs to be correctly adjusted and it must fit perfectly with the saddle and the horse, which means that it need to be an adjustable girth according to the size of the horse. 

For this reason, we need to choose an easy-to-use adjustable girth, in order to avoid problems with our saddle and our horse in the future, such us: biomechanical issues related to the equestrian discipline, and anatomical issues regarding the horse. 

What is Xpandgirth?

In order to facilitate riders and horse lovers to find the perfect girth for their horses, Marjoman created an exclusive line of girths called XpandGirth.

These girths are unique, and they are the result of an exhaustive study carried out by experts in the equestrian world and a search for the most versatile and least aggressive materials for contact with the horse.

With this line of girths, we sought to help riders and riding professionals find the best products that would be able to adapt to the horse's breathing while providing the greatest possible freedom of movement, even in lateral movements.

What is the main advantage of XpandGirth?

Each of the XpandGirth types of girth have been made as girths that favor the breathing of the horse, and as girths that avoid abrasion on the horse’s skin. Especially our XpandGirth slim, its narrowest variant.

In this sense, XpandGirth has been designed to allow the horse to breathe freely without causing any harm. This is essential due to the fact that a better breathing will improve performance.

On the other hand, another main advantage of XpandGirth is that it is a particularly safe girth and following the instructions in the user guide that accompanies the girth, it is completely safe for the rider. In fact, it contains parts such as the double-pitch buckle with safety screws that further reduce the risks.

In addition, some of these girths go with natural sheepskin and the medical sheepskin protectors, which make them soft and comfortable. Furthermore, the medical sheepskin is particularly treated to prevent reactions in horse skin.

Could this girth cause any damage to my horse?

One common question when using girths, is how to avoid wounds and abrasions on the horse's skin when using a girth? 

In this sense, XpandGirth has been developed to avoid abrasions and frictions on the horse, as it has an extremely soft protector. And not only that but using XpandGirth has been a solution in most cases when a conventional girth has caused damage to the horse. Furthermore, XpandGirth slim has been specifically created to help avoid abrasions in the elbow area of the horse. 

How many types of XpandGirth there are?

Marjoman has developed an XpandGirth for each discipline in order to meet all riders and horse’s needs, and to help provide girth with better thoracic support. We explain each of them bellow: 

   -  Dressage XpandGirth: This girth was the starting point of the philosophy of XpandGirth. This girth provides adaptability, easy adjustment, great comfort for the horse and very easy to clean like the rest of the models. The size can be adjusted by our exclusive Conway buckle design which has a nut and security screw. It has also buckle reinforcement, which can be used to keep them together or separated.

   -  General Purpose XpandGirth: The central body of this girth is identical to the rest of the models, but the total size changes (normally between 100 and 150 cm). It can go with a special protector for the adjustment straps to keep them in parallel position.

   -  Endurance XpandGirth: This girth is very similar to the dressage XpandGirth, but this one goes with a special protector, which is especially easy to clean, and can be chosen by the customer. 

   -  Jumping XpandGirth: This type of XpandGirth comes with a special protective cover for use in jumping. This is because the central part of the girth that contains the trapeze and elastic system is covered by a leather protector that does not interfere with the jumper's work. In addition, its buckles have a protector to keep them together.

   -  Western XpandGirth: This model has the same central body and features as the XpandGirth for dressage or general use but in this case, it is equipped with western buckles.

Which is the best girth for a pony or small horse?

It is very common to ask for adjustable girth for small horses, and this is because the size of the girth will need to adapt to your horse even if your girth is for a pony or a small horse. 

When choosing the girth, we will have to take into consideration various main factors, such as the type of the saddle and the belly width of our horse. In this sense we will give you some tips to help you correctly size your girth:  First of all, put the saddle and the numnah correctly on your horse’s back, then with your horse in a square position, hold your saddle in that place applying a light pressure on the back. 

Then, ask someone to help you standing on the right of the horse, and holding the end of the strap against the second girth strap hole. After that, hold the rest of the girth and place it down and around the horse’s belly. 

Finally, bring the strap up to the second hole on the opposite side of the saddle and take notes of the measurement. 

How do I adjust my XpandGirth? 

XpandGirth is a really easy to adjust girth, and it is a girth with adjustment straps which will help you discover how to get the horse used to the girth, because it is a very adjustable girth, which helps prevent abrasions and frictions on the horse. Here we describe the main steps that will help you adjust your XpandGirth, but you can also find more information about this in this video. 

   1.With the help of a coin or screwdriver, remove the screws of the double pitch buckles that regulate the straps. On the Slim model, remove the adjustment screws.

   2. Adjust the length of the straps and select the hole that best fits the size you require.

   3. Replace the screws to secure the straps and repeat the operation on the opposite side of the webbing.

Why should I acquire an XpandGirth? 

XpandGirth has been developed as a result of a long research process to build a product perfectly adaptable to every movement of the horse. Furthermore, XpandGirth is made with the best quality and least aggressive materials for the horse: premium leather, porous textile fiber, highly breathable coconut fiber, open pore polyether sponge and medical/natural sheepskin/leather/neoprene/elastotex/3D Net protector.

Additionally, XpandGirth has uniquely designed parts added in order to improve their performance such as a double-pitch buckle with safety screw for precise and secure adjustment of the straps; and trapezoids designed to collect and direct the horse's inspiration force towards the buckles and achieve a balance between the horse's breathing and saddle support.

Here we describe the main characteristics we can underline about XpandGirth: 

   -  Top quality leather

   -  Porous textile fiber

   -  Highly breathable coconut fiber

   -  Open pore polyether sponge 

   -  Medicinal sheepskin 

   -  Trapeze-shaped rings

   -  Double-pitch buckles with security screw

   -  Fixing screw that allows the girth to be disassembled for cleaning each part independently

   -  Optional removable rigid central part to avoid deformation of the girth over time.

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