Tips to take care of your horse in summer

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Horses are warm-blooded animals and the high summer temperatures can cause them different health problems. We can help him just to find better with some of these tips:

Keep your horse hydrated

 Just like us, our horses also sweat more in summer, it is necessary that they have permanent access to water to keep them hydrated. Water bowls with valve or tongue are a very good option. When our horse presses the tongue with its nose, it will receive the amount of fresh and clean water it needs every time it wants to drink some water.

Use an insect repelent 

Insects, besides being annoying, can transmit numerous diseases to our horse, a good option to use would be the DIPTRÓN QM, wich duration is up to 3 months, just the length of summer!

Use hoof ointment 

At this time of year, our horse's hooves are drier than ever and if we don't prevent the fracture, our friend can suffer great pain, lameness and even large hemorrhages. Kevin Bacon's hoof ointments are the solution to this problem.


Shower your horse from time to time

In addition to keeping our horse hydrated internally, it is necessary to do it externally, giving it showers to reduce its body temperature when it is sweating, trying not to submit it to a sudden change in temperature.

Don’t go over the number of showers, just like our skin, horses skin secretes different substances that serve as a barrier for different external agents such as fungi. We recommend the Bense & Eicke dermatological shampoo, which is perfect for horses with sensitive skin, or our apple shampoo, which  protects your horse's skin and mane while it smells great!


Keep your equipment cleaned

Rugs, saddle pads or bandages can accumulate bacteria that end up irritating your horse's skin, there are many different models of equipment which are machine washable (using a neutral detergent), but if they are not suitable for it, washing them by hand will not take much time either.




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