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Would you like to know which problems could you solve with XpandGirth? In this post we talk about it!

Our horses, just like us, need to get comfortable and free while you are practicing this wonderful sport, that’s why the XpandGirth was born, because they deserve to breathe freely without any damage. This girth is desire to your horse movement.

There are some setbacks that don’t allow people to have a good time, for example, you may notice the case where people could think "my horse doesn’t like being strapped" and they don’t know how to make an appropriate preparation for riding so that their horse feels comfortable, either to practice any discipline or to take a horseback ride through the countryside.

As several people raised this problem, we decided to develop with some experts from horse riding world, a girth that would improve the quality of life of our horse without neglecting its main function, holding the saddle correctly. This is the reason of its peculiar shape and the materials that are used.

Problems solved by XpandGirth:

Your horse's breathing improves:

It has strategic cuts that allow the girth to be adapted to your horse's breathing, as well as trapezoid-shaped rings that collect and lead the force of inspiration towards the buckles, so that your horse breathing won’t be limited.

Your horse gets more freedom of movement:

As in the previous aspect, these strategic cuts make the girth more flexible and it adapts to your horse movements. The elastic straps also play an important role, since, once again, your horse's agility won’t be repressed.


It reduces friction in the girth step:

It may be the case that our horse's skin is quite sensitive and wounds are formed in the girth step or in the skin folds, to avoid this there is the possibility of choosing the Slim model which is narrower and finer than the conventional model. In addition, you can choose the material of the layer that is in contact with the horse, which can be the medicinal protector of the natural sheepskin girth, leather, neoprene, elastotex or 3D Net. If your horse is prone to chafing, we recommend you to choose a narrower girth such as the XpandGirth Slim and the medicinal sheepskin protector, and, in all cases, make sure that there are no folds of skin under the girth. To do this you can, once your horse is girthed, take its hands one by one and pull them forward.

Rider safety is maintained:

Last but not least, your safety is not affected. In some cases, when people try to give a horse greater freedom of movement and of breathing, the girth is left looser than it should be, which is a complete mistake and it endanger your health. In this case, the rider doesn’t have a complete restraint and the horse with the saddle movement can be frightened. As we have indicated previously, the elastics allow the essential support of the equipment to be maintained so that the rider does not feel any change while the horse obtains greater freedom.


XpandGirth modalities:

Now, once the structure allows the horse to be more comfortable, the girth adjustment is easy and, at the same time, gives us security while we are riding, we may think, how any combination can be adopted? The answer is simple. There is an XpandGirth for every riding discipline! So it doesn’t matter if you are from the dressage team or the jumping team, there will always be a model that fits you.

Dressage XpandGirth

All Purpose XpandGirth

Endurance XpandGirth

Slim XpandGirth

Jumping XpandGirth

Western XpandGirth


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