If the user visit this site with the browser configured to allow acceptance of cookies, Marjoman understands that user consents to the use of cookies in this online store. At all times we'll respected client confidentiality, as specified in section PRIVACY POLICY.

General information about cookies:

A cookie is a small file that is stored on the user's device (computer, tablet or mobile) and allows us to recognize. Cookies help us to improve the quality of our website by letting us know what pages are useful for our users. Cookies are essential for the operation of the Internet, as they provide many advantages in the provision of interactive, easy navigation and usability of our website. Cookies can not harm the user's computer and, instead, enabled us to identify and resolve errors. The information provided below can help you understand the different types of cookies:

• Session Cookies: These are temporary cookies that remain in your browser until you leave only the website, so that none is recorded in the user's device. Used to analyze traffic patterns on the web and ultimately allow us to provide a better experience to improve the content and ease of use.

• Persistent Cookies: These are stored in the device and reads the website each time you make a return visit. A permanent site has a set expiration date. The cookie will stop working after that date. We use generally to facilitate the purchase and registration services.

Purpose of the cookies used on our website:

• Enable users to use services such as making or tracking an order.

• Register the products added to cart/basket.

• Collection of various information: how users use the site, searches, page views... with the purpose of improving the operation of the store.

• Prevent fraudulent activities.

• Improve security portal.

Cookies disabled:

If the user does not enable cookies on your device, browsing the website may be limited (for example, may not have completed a purchase option).

Disabling cookies in common browsers:

• Internet Explorer 6 and above: Tools menu> Internet Options> Privacy

• Safari: Setup Menu> Settings> Section Block cookies

• Firefox: Tools menu> Options> Tag Privacy> Use custom settings for history

• Google Chrome: Menu Settings> Show Advanced Settings> Privacy> Content Settings

Cookies from third parties:

Cookies do not install third-party online. See the websites of those third parties to obtain more information.

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